My new eReading device and its bugs

For Christmas I bought myself a new ebook device from eReading.

It’s my first e-reader device so I can’t compare it to other devices on market but it absolutely meets my requirements. After few days of using the device I’ve discovered few bugs which I reported to official eReading support.
Martin Lipert, head of eReading.cz, responded to my technical questions and asked me to meet him and see whether my problems can be solved by reflashing the firmware.

Although we succeeded to reproduce all mentioned bugs on my device none of them seem to be fixed in near future. The reason is eReading guys aren’t able to reproduce these bugs and have limited means to solve these problems as the product (hardware and firmware) was completely manufactured in China. I was told the eReading company only has SDK with limited knowledge of software functionality and will try to provide some patches as an extensions to current functionality. One of these patches should give users functionality of using English-Czech offline dictionary.

The most annoying bugs I’ve discovered:

  • files (book, previews etc..) sent to device via WIFI are sometimes corrupted
  • when device is connected as mass storage device and is disconnected, the flash partition isn’t mounted back to device. The solution is to restart the reader
  • sometimes the reader mounts the flash system in read-only mode which causes that user can’t delete books or add notes


Joe Bonamassa

Another of my favourite music performers - great blues rock guitar player and singer. I also appreciate there are already two blu-ray disc from his concerts available.


Allan Taylor - acoustic guitar

Allan Taylor is one of my favourite acoustic guitar music players. His music is mostly rooted in folk and what I appreciate about it is spacious and clear sound of his guitar which I can enjoy on my HIFI system. As there is no English page about Allan Taylor on Wikipedia you can check out his biography and discography on his official page at http://www.allantaylor.com


Dave Matthews Band

While driving a car and listening to the radio few days ago the song from this album grabbed my attention.
This music is tagged as alternative rock and with its wide range of different rhytms is definitely worth listening.